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Real Estate Funding Solutions: Welcome to The Cash Flow Mortgage Company

Real Estate Funding Solutions: Welcome to The Cash Flow Mortgage Company

If you’re looking for fast real estate funding from a team that truly cares about your cash flow, then welcome to the Cash Flow Mortgage Company.

Because we believe that cash flow makes life flow!

The Cash Flow Mortgage Company is a rare, one-stop-shop for all your real estate investment deals. Gone are the days of working with multiple lenders for one property. We have everything you need to generate positive cash flow and make life a whole lot easier.

Among our many services, we offer:

Non-traditional and hard money funding

Non-traditional and hard money loans are perfect for fix and flips, rentals, and BRRRRs, and other value-add properties. Furthermore, they’re ideal for real estate investors who need to move FAST or might need to get creative with qualifications. For example, if you don’t have tax returns (or don’t want to use them), then we have a loan for you. Or if you’re real estate portfolio needs some work, we can help you build it so you can eventually apply for a long-term bank loan.

Traditional funding

If you’ve got the qualifications, then we’ve got long-term, low-rate loans for you!

Bridge loans (aka, gap funding)

If you want to ensure your cash flow doesn’t take a major hit when the market is tight, or if you’re stuck in a project and need temporary funding, then a bridge loan is perfect.

Credit score boosting tips

The better your credit score, then the better your interest rates. And the better your interest rates, then better your loan products. Which means you spend way less money every month.

Ready to get going? Great, we’re here to help. Our team is eager to set you on a path the helps you make the kind of money you need to live the life you want!

Happy investing!

Busting Myths: What Is Hard Money

Busting Myths: What Is Hard Money

What is hard money?

More importantly, what is it NOT?

Today, we’re starting a new series about busting hard money myths. Because there are so many rumors and misconceptions out there about this type of real estate funding. Unfortunately, most of these are negative.

Hard Money Loans for Real Estate Explained

Real estate investors all around the country say things like:

“Hard money is too expensive for me and my wallet.”

“It’s a trap!”

“Bank lines are so much cheaper.”

“Hard money is a curse!”

First of all, FALSE!

Second, we’re going to bust these myths and show you how hard money is not something to fear or avoid. In fact, it’s something to utilize so you can boost your cash flow and profits.

Yes, boost. Not obliterate.

But, before we dive into each myth in our upcoming video series, let’s talk about hard money.

Here are 3 keys facts you should know:

  1. It’s a special type of loan that’s usually secured by a real asset—aka, real estate. The funds for these loans is typically provided by private investors or companies.
  2. They’re not like normal bank loans that you pay off for 15-30 years. They’re meant to be short-term. Like, 3 to 9 months. You can pay them off quicker or slower than that timeframe, but this is the typical range.
  3. They’re perfect for real estate investors who want to buy value-add properties FAST, because hard money loans can get closed in days, not weeks. They’re ideal for buying discounted non-MLS properties. For example, think about wholesalers and other under-market deals.

Now that you have a better understanding of hard money, we can dig into the myths and misconceptions that revolve around it.

Our new video series busts these myths and show you how it isn’t something to fear or avoid. It’s actually something to use so you can generate positive cash flow and profits.

So, are you ready to talk about your real estate funding options? Great, our team is here to help.

Happy investing!