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Private Lender: How to Invest in Real Estate without Flipping or Renting

Private Lender: How to Invest in Real Estate without Flipping or Renting

Did you know you can be a private lender?

That’s right. And today we’re going to show you how to invest in real estate without resorting to fixing and flipping or fixing and renting.

It’s true. Everyone can put their money to work, even if they don’t want to put their muscles to work. If you want, you can skip the hammers, ladders, and paint. No need to groan over dust-covered floors, clothes, and, well, everything. And forget about stressing over contractors and delayed projects.

You can invest in real estate without ever stepping foot inside a property.

How to Invest in Real Estate Without Flipping or Renting

How is this possible?

Well, it’s fairly easy.

Rather than rolling up your sleeves and searching, buying, fixing, and selling/renting properties, you can become a private lender.

What does being a private lender mean?

Simply put, you become a bank for fix and flippers or rental owners. Rather than these real estate investors going to a “real” bank or traditional lender, they come to you for money.

And you get to charge them interest for using your money.

Interest rates vary in private lending, but one thing is for sure. You’ll earn WAY more interest in real estate than in your bank account. Because banks pay far less interest than real estate investors.

Private Lender

Now, there are a couple of ways to become a private lender.

The Easy Way

The easiest way to get started is through companies like our sister company, The Note Shop. We connect private lenders with real estate investors (aka, fix and flippers and rental owners).

When you use a company like ours, you don’t need to:

  • Search for fix and flippers/rental owners that need funding.
  • Interview flippers/rental owners to determine how much you can trust them with your money.
  • Review real estate portfolios. Again, to establish trust. How much experience does this real estate investor have? What’s the quality of their work?
  • Analyze properties to make sure they’re worth the investment.
  • Prepare loan documents, like deeds of trust and mortgages.
  • Handle escrow draws.
  • Oversee the life of the loan, including all payments, extensions, and modifications.

You can skip ALL of that, and let our team do the work for you. That means we handle the entire list above.

Not you.

All you have to do is wait for a call or email from our team to inform you there’s a loan available. If you’re happy with it, then you just have to head to your bank and send a wire to a licensed and trusted title company (First American, Old Republic, Fidelity, etc.).

And then watch the plump interest payments hit your bank account every month.

It’s simple, it’s lucrative, and it’s way easier than fixing or renting a property yourself. Let someone else do the work, right?

Do It Yourself

Now, if you’re experienced and confident in private lending, then you can work directly with real estate investors. This is best known in the business as OPM (Other People’s Money).

We actually encourage our flipper and rental clients to seek out OPM as a funding option because it’s really the cheapest path to buying properties. Because they don’t have to pay a traditional lender multiple fees and points. Instead, they can focus on interest-only loans.

How much interest should you charge? Well, that’s really up to you and your client. When you’re in the driver’s seat, you get decide how big of a risk you’d like to take with your money. And that risk is based trust.

Do you trust them to:

  1. Pay you back?
  2. Buy, fix, and flip a property within your agreed upon timeline? (Or refinance into a traditional loan so you can invest your money elsewhere?)
  3. Sell or rent a property for what they claim it’s worth after they repair it?

In addition to trust, you also need to be willing to tackle the entire to-do list we mentioned above (evaluating investors and deals, preparing documents, overseeing the loan, etc.). This is completely doable! But, again, it comes down to how much risk and work you want to take on.

If you want to make the most money possible while doing the least amount of work, then relying on The Note Shop or a similar company to help you is perfect.

So, there you have it! You can invest in real estate without picking up a hammer or worrying about a bad contractor.

Believe us when we say, private lending is easy, lucrative, and EASY!

Do you want to talk about investing your money in real estate without breaking a sweat? Good! Our team is always here to chat.

Happy investing!

How to Fund Real Estate Deal: 5 Ways to Buy a Fix & Flip Property

How to Fund a Real Estate Deal: 5 Ways to Buy a Fix and Flip Property

A lot of people interested in real estate investing don’t know where to start when it comes to purchasing a value-add property. They can find a perfect house to fix and flip or rent, but they don’t know how to actually BUY the house.

Most think, “Well, I’ll just get a loan.”

But many quickly realize they don’t truly know what “getting a loan” means or where to even begin.

So, let’s take a quick look at the various types of real estate lenders you can rely on—and which ones you might have to rely on until you boost your credit score, build a real estate portfolio, or complete one of the other qualifications that some lenders require.

How to Fund a Real Estate Deal: 5 Ways to Buy a Fix & Flip Property - Explainer Video

There are 5 different types of lenders, and each one has various pros and cons. Let’s start with the most simple and basic lenders.

Friend or Family Member

The upside to asking a friend or family member for a loan is, well, you’re asking a friend or family member for a loan. You know them, and you probably know them very well…well enough to ask them for money.  The only qualification you really need is a decent relationship.

The downside is, well, you know them. They’re your friend, your dad, your sister, or someone else you have deep roots with. That makes the entire loan process way more personal, which means there’s a lot of potential for drama—both now and in the future.

Business Partner

Instead of going through a family member or friend, you can get a business partner. A business partner can lend you the money to buy a value-add property with very few if any qualifications. The big pro here is they take on most—if not all—of the financial risks. It’s their money, not yours.

On the flip side, it’s their money, not yours. That means some business partners get greedy. Rather than splitting profits fairly, they demand the lion’s share. To them, it might not matter if you were the one who did all the actual work. They took the risk, so they should get a bigger reward at the end of the day.

Hard Money

If you have some basic qualifications, you can skip the first two lenders we’ve talked about and get a loan through a hard money lender. Hard money loans (aka, Fix and Flip loans) are great when you need to close a real estate deal FAST. We’re talking days instead of weeks or months.

Unfortunately, hard money can be expensive. Rates tend to be higher than other lenders. But every hard money lender varies, so it’s absolutely worth shopping around. Plus, hard money loans aren’t intended to be long term, so the high cost can actually save you a lot of pain AND money in the long run.

What is hard money? Check out our myth busting series on YouTube!


Banks are the most traditional lender out there. In fact, most real estate investors look to this type of lender before they consider any other. And, why not? Banks usually have the lowest rates available.

Unfortunately, banks also have the strictest requirements, and if you don’t meet those requirements, you’ll get rejected. Worse, the application process is a lot more in-depth, which means closing can take A LOT longer. Which means that perfect investment property you wanted gets snatched up by someone using a faster lender.


Aka, “Other People’s Money.” This is exactly how it sounds. You use other people’s money to buy a property. This is different than asking a family member, friend, or business partner for financial help because there are more boundaries. With OPM, a lender charges interest. That’s it. There aren’t points or profits involved. It’s simple and easy.

The only downside of OPM is finding those who are willing to lend their money to you. But that’s where gaining experience and knowledge in real estate investing helps. The more you know, the more you can prove you’re worth the investment.

So, there you have it. Those are the 5 ways to buy a fix and flip property. Each one has its pros and cons, but each one is a viable option. It just depends on YOU and your financial situation.

Bad credit? No credit? You might have to start with a family member, friend, or business partner

Great credit? Solid income? Extensive real estate portfolio? You probably can jump straight to hard money or a bank loan. Or, better yet, OPM.

Each investor has a different path.

Ready to find out what your path is? Great! Our team is here to help. We’re excited to set you on a path that helps you make the kind of money you need…to live the life you want.

Happy investing!

How to Make Real Estate Investing EASY: 3 Steps to Funding Your Fix and Flip Deals

How to Make Real Estate Investing EASY: 3 Steps to Getting A Fix and Flip Loan

When you’re looking to buy a value-add property like a fixer upper, then you’re probably also looking to get a fix and flip loan (aka, a hard money loan).

But what exactly does a fix and flip loan process entail for real estate investors?

Well, let’s take a look at the first 3 steps you need to take to fund your fix and flip deals. Because in order to make the most money, you need to make sure you’re working with the best lender. For you!

How to Make Real Estate Investing EASY: 3 Steps to Getting A Fix and Flip Loan

S0, here we go!

Know the difference between fix and flip lenders

Just like houses, real estate lenders come in all shapes and sizes. Some require in-depth real estate portfolios, good credit scores, and 10 to 20 percent into each project. These are typically the larger national companies.

Some lenders will work with newer investors with little to no money in the deal. Some will charge higher rates and less points. And some have a ton of junk fees, while some have none.

Overall, you’ll likely find the more flexible the lender, the higher the cost.

But to discover the best lender for you, you’ll need to shop around in your area.

Know what you bring to the table

If you want real estate lenders competing for your business, make it easy for them. Become a borrower that all lenders want to help.

What does that mean? Well, simply put:

  • Keep your credit score high
  • Get projects done on time
  • Pay your lenders on time
  • And build your real estate portfolio to show everything you’ve completed and who’s on your team.

Know what you’re looking for

It’s so important you know what YOU need. For example, do you need a lender who requires less money in? Less experience? Better rates? Faster closings? Just ask yourself, “What will make me the most successful?”

Once you complete these 3 easy steps, we can guarantee your search for the perfect fix and flip lender will be a great one. And that means your bank account will be very happy with you.

Ready to chat? Our team is here and ready to help you find the right loan for you!

Happy investing!

Attention Real Estate Investors: Introducing The Cash Flow Mortgage Company

Attention Real Estate Investors: Introducing The Cash Flow Mortgage Company!

At Investor Real Estate Loans, we decided it was time to change our name to convey who we REALLY are. That’s why we chose to call ourselves The Cash Flow Mortgage Company.

Our new business name represents exactly who we are and what we focus on: Cash flow!

As a mortgage company, we strive to provide real estate investors with the best loans possible, meaning we offer plenty of options and flexibility. Because every investor is different and needs a loan that fits THEIR needs (not ours).

We help all of our clients achieve cash flow success through 3 key strategies:

  1. Lowering your finance costs. Because the lower costs, the more money you make.
  2. Lowering the amount you have to put into the purchase of a rental property. We like to call this the 2-Step Process, but some know it as BRRRR or a $0 down rental purchase. Whatever the case, it’s the correct way to handle the loan side of your investments, and it’s very important if you want to boost your cash flow.
  3. Use quick, proven strategies to raise your credit score. Why? Because the higher your credit score, the better your interest rates. And the better your interest rates, the more money you save every month. We like to call this your Return on Credit.

We strive to constantly focus on these 3 pillars of our business so that you have plenty of options to increase your cash flow. Because we’re eager to set you on a path that helps you make the kind of money you need to live the life you want.

Welcome to the new and improved Cash Flow Mortgage Company. We can’t wait to chat with you about your value-add plans!

Happy investing!

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The Smart Way to Invest in Real Estate

If your goal is to make money and generate positive cash flow, then you need to be smart about the way you invest in real estate.

And one of those ways is finding the RIGHT lender for you. Especially if it’s a lender who can help you with both your hard money and long-term loans.

At the Cash Flow Mortgage Company (previously known as Investor Real Estate Loans), our dedicated, hardworking team focuses on 3 important steps:

Offering OPTIONS

Whether it’s hard money, bridge loans, refinances, or 30-year mortgages, we have the skills, knowledge, and credentials to handle every step of your real estate deals.

Providing a fast and efficient system.

Speed and efficiency are pivotal in the real estate business, especially when it comes to value-add properties. If you can’t close quickly, then you will likely lose precious opportunities…and a lot of money.


Well, because when you use multiple lenders, you’ll waste time shopping around, getting rejected, filling out the same paperwork you filled out for the last lender, and dealing with countless other obstacles.

We’re here to help you get off that frustrating hamster wheel once and for all. We focus on streamlining your system so you can take advantage of every opportunity and leave your competitors in the dust.

Helping you make a lot of money!

Cash flow is king in this business and we want you to rule the areas you invest. By giving you multiple options and helping you streamline your process, we’ll help you double, triple, or even 10X the amount of money you make. And we’ll help you do it with a lot less stress and frustration.

The Cash Flow Mortgage Company is all about you and making you money. Because cash flow makes life flow.

Ready to chat about your loan options? Great, we’re here and ready to help.

Happy investing!

Money Making Tips: How Your Lender Can Make or Break Your Cash Flow

Money Making Tips: How Your Lender Can Make or Break Your Cash Flow

Looking for some money making tips? Well, did you know your real estate lender can make or break your cash flow?

How Your Lender Can Make or Break Your Cash Flow

If you’re a real estate investor, then you probably strive to to multiply your cash flow. Because, in this business, cash flow is king!

But did you know the lender you choose makes a HUGE impact on your cash flow? Most lenders only care about themselves, while other lenders care about YOU. The right lender will want to focus on making you a lot of money as fast as possible.

If you choose the right lender, you can move quickly and efficiently through the lending process. Meanwhile, your competitors will get buried in paperwork and rejections.

How is this possible? Well, if you find a good, flexible, INVESTOR-FRIENDLY lender, then you’ll be given a lot of options. You won’t have to squeeze yourself or your real estate portfolio into a tiny qualification box (think banks). You’ll be able to find a loan product that fits YOU.

You’ll be able to buy value-add properties FAST with a hard money loan, and then turn around and refinance into a long-term loan with much lower rates. Think one-stop-shop for all your real estate loans.

Want to discover more? Our team is ready to talk about your plans and help you achieve your money-making goals. Because we want to set you on a path that helps you make the kind of money you need to live the life you want!

Happy investing!