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Whether you’re just starting to flip houses or you’ve become an old pro, it never hurts to read about other people’s experiences and learn about tricks of the trade.

We’ve all seen those “reality” shows on TV, where they showcase a house flipper who makes a ton of mistakes, yet somehow still manages to turn a profit. It makes for nice TV, but it certainly isn’t part of any reality I’ve ever experienced.

Check out this post from Mindy Jensen on Bigger Pockets. She offers 11 expert tips on flipping homes, from beginning to end.

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Rental Property Loans

Before you decide to invest in a rental property, make sure you take the time to analyze it from start to finish. How do you do that? Well, check out this video from Bigger Pockets. It offers great tips and advice.

Investment Property Deal Analysis & Property Tour (Before & After Rehab!)

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Ready to get into the nitty gritty this week? Take a look at this video from Phil Pustejovsky.

Estimating Rehab Costs Like a Pro
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